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  Alien in the Faucet
It started in that damned day. I woke up in the morning on the infantile voice of my daughter, saying: "Dad, the water is yellowish." Perhaps this might not sound as a problem. Accidentally, I decided to behave as  any rational father, and I told her: "Do not worry, honey. There might be some problem with the water pipe. Perhaps it is rusty, and I will fix it before you return from your school."
   Definitely, that was a conspiracy against me. That day was one of the very few days in which I was able to not to go to the factory. It was the time for the half-annual maintenance, and we-industrial engineers-usually take it as a holiday because all operations are stopped during this very short period.

   Behaving like an engineer, I decided to follow what they term the engineering method of thinking; starting from identifying the problem,  then collecting data, and finally proposing a solution. I started by defining the problem; the problem is that my daughter was not able to wash her face. I considered it a serious problem that requires a fast reaction; little Dina might have some problems with reading the poor handwriting of her teacher from the blackboard. I ended that stage safely by reaching to the origin of the problem; the water was dirty.

Unfortunately, I had no time or equipment to carry out the data collection step. I thought of analyzing the water to know exactly that polluting element that made the color go yellow. I found out that I was the only person in the whole street who was suffering of the yellow water problem, while the neighbors had no problem with their water. It seemed to me that I am getting closer to the solution. I thought it was rust. So I searched for the main faucet that supplies my villa. At that moment, suspense really started.
   With a quick look, it seemed to me that the faucet is all right, and there is no rust at all. I got a wrench and I opened the pipe to check whether the water here is also yellow or not. I thought that there might be some problem with the inner surface of the pipe. I had a feeling that it was really the time to apply the cathode protection method that we learnt about in the collage to protect pipes from corrosion.

   Take a deep breath, and read the following. My finger touched a wet jelly like stuff. I got a deep wide long high alarming feeling of disgust. My mind went into the place it should go to that I put my finger in a sewage pipe. I had a powerful desire to cut my finger  the instant I would pull it out from the tube. However, when I pulled it out, I found nothing stuck to my finger, opposing to all the theories and practical visions I had about the physical properties of that material.
   You should be feeling the way I felt; you might feel this when you had a strong feeling then it suddenly vanishes. I took a sigh of relief; and started analyzing the situation in the other direction. Since there was nothing on my finger, then this might be any other thing that was carried by the water stream, and it found itself in my pipe, hindering water and causing that pollution. I had an experience with  that things that move with water till it reaches houses because we had once in our dadís house a frog in the toilet!!

   Anyway, I decided to pull out that thing. This time I was cautious, so I wore a plastic glove and started pulling. Suddenly, a cloud of yellow smoke came out of the tube. The smell of the smoke was intolerable, and it reminded me with sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is termed as the "Suffocating gas," that what I was told in the college. However, no body told me that fact-the cowards- before I took a deep sniff of pure fresh instantly prepared sulfur dioxide in the chemistry lab. I remember that  I fell on the bench, with pains in my chest and fire in my nose, and a feeling of two hot bullets that entered through my two nostrils (one per each) to my two cerebral hemispheres, causing a feeling of temporary blindness, followed by unconsciousness. Afterwards, I had its smell registered in my mind for months, and I developed some kind of phobia of chemistry department and its labs for two semesters.
   Afterwards, the scenario went as follows. Just before starting unconsciousness, I saw a yellow creature-so to speak-an alien. I know them. I have seen them before in ET, X-files, independence day, star wars, and star track. It had unidentified dimensions-ameba like-coming out of the pipe. It seemed to me that I was watching one of these science fiction movies, but it was true. Finally, darkness prevailed.

   To assure you all, I did not wake up to look at the alarm, and to find out that I was dreaming. Actually, dream started at that moment, or frankly the nightmare. It was a conversation between that creature and me. I cannot judge the language we were talking in, but we understood each other in spite of the fact that our --not our, mine only-mouth was not moving. I discovered herein that the X-files theory about telepathy was true.
   The Alien was talking. It defined itself as Wertigel, not a very nice name for an alien. It came to earth in a space ship that threw it in the river. It was a researcher in another planet in a neighboring galaxy, just 3 million light years. Its mission was to make something we call, as engineers, technical report about the water of planet earth. Their planet is drying because their two suns were transforming to dark holes. They wanted any planet with water to live in, because without water they can not live.
   I tried to explain to it that the case was the same for us. I tried to convince it that we even on the earth suffer from the same problem. However, he was uncompromising with me, and he showed no understanding to global warming. It said that after finishing its report, they would start their invasion to the planet earth. They will destroy everything related to human beings and humanity with their by far advanced technology.

   I woke up, not on my bed as many people might think, but in the back garden of my villa. The pipe was open in front of me, and the glove in my hand. Then it was not a dream. I entered the house, trying to convince myself that it was a dream. I looked at the clock. It was 3:00 PM; time for my daughter and my spouse to come back home.
   When little Dina came, she asked me: "Dad, did you fix the pipe?" I replied: "No honey. I will call a plumber, because I am not a plumber."
My neighbor, kindly, allowed me to fill some containers of water to spend the day.

   When night came, the idea came to my mind; we should never allow these primitive amebas like creatures to conquer our planet. If they wanted to live in our planets, okay but they could use the ponds and sewage pipes only, and they should leave the rest of the water for us to make what we want with. But I would not allow them to exterminate us.
   I opened the garage at a very late hour, and I took my oxyacetylene welding machine, and I approached the pipe. I opened it, intending to use the fire of the machine to make out of that stupid alien another cloud in the dark night. However, the same scenario was repeated. However, this time the alien only spoke. It said, nervously: "Your planet is a dirty filthy polluted planet; I wonder how you live in it. Your water is polluted to an intolerable extent. We can not live in that water. It is full of poisons, sewage, micro-organisms, and radiation. Go to hell with your planet; we do deserve a better planet." I woke up, looked at the sky. I saw a fire arrow going upwards. Inside it, was a creature with a deep feeling of frustration.

Since that day, I have been thinking about the alienís words. Imagine that protozoan creature believes that it does deserve a better planet. Was it right? I am not really sure. But I am definitely sure that I will consider this fact for a long time, in spite of the fact that it started only yesterday with that alien in the faucet!!
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