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 Austria 2000

I spent the period between the 9th of June and the 23rd of July in Leoben-Austria, doing my practical summer training in MontanUniversitat Leoben. I was nominated by the Engineering department at AUC for this internship. I was a research assistant in the department of physical metallurgy and materials testing. These pics are my nice memories of the beautiful Austria! :)

Vienna is the capital of Austia. I spent about 6 days in Vienna, during the weekends, and on my arrival. It is the best city in Europe I think!

Schloss Schonn Brun

My photo in the Schloss Schonn Brun, the beatiful fountain palace, which used to be the house of the Kaiser Franz Josef and Empress Sisi.
How nice is the graden of the palace!
Me and Raul in the Schonn Brun
Maria Theresa Square
Saying hi, in front of the Austrian Parliament
Beside Goethe himself
To go anywhere in Vienna, it is recommended to use the tram lines! In this photo, I was saying: "Quickly Raul..the door is gonna close!!"
One of the nice gardens in Vienna!

Leoben is a small city in Styria. One day I went to the mountains, and took this cool photo.
You can see the river Mur, the mountains (right), the steel factories (middle), and the city (right). This photo is actually two photos added together!
But before leaving the mountains, Enric had to take a photo for myself first! :)
Still, I returned back to the mountains before I leave Austria.
You see the greenery..the mountain..the sky..the clouds..and mizo with the shorts! :)
You can see the mines in the mountain, and the nice view!

The University
The old building of the university in Franz Josef Strasse
The new cool building!

University friends!
These are some photos for the people in the university where I used to work.
Mizo,  Kerstin Kutschej and Michael.
Helmut, Mizo and Verena (venus)
My adviser, professor Michael Panzenboeck together in restaurant in St. Michael
All the people in a dinner: (left to right) Devrim, Stefan, Harald, Bernhard, Myself, Manuel, Joerg, Kerstin, Verena, and Helmut.
Another photo from a different angle!
The nice Ph.D. students of the institute:
front row (left to right): Franz, Joerg, myself and Monika
back row (left to right): Reiner, Paul, Stefan and Harald
The honorable members of the shape memory alloys group:
left to right: Xiao Tong, Kerstin, Henrich, myself and Andreas Mayer
Me and Joerg, on my goodbye day! (N.B. The bottle in my hand is not an alcoholic drink; it is pampkin oil!)
This guy was the best guy I met in Austria!! :)
Myself together with the Twins Raman and Lucas! Needless to say, I can't recognize who is who!!

Schillerheim friends
This is the hostel where I used to stay.
After a great soccer game; in the schiller hostel
standing (left to right): Mizo (myself), Peter Watson, Thomas, donno, Rene, Hilmar (?)
seated (left to right): Anderson, Papi, Erich, and Enric
At the eve of Elton John's concert: (LtR) Raul my roommate, myself and Enric
The highest point in Leoben
(LtR): Leonardo Padeiro, Raul Sempe and myself

Outings with the IAESTE friends
Bruck an Der Mur
LtR: Mizo, Pernille Christiansen, Joanne Ryan, Peter Watson & Raul Sempe
In graz with the pals! :)
In the Open Air Austrian Museum, Stubing
Eisenerz (my favorite pic)!
You see the snow on the top of the mountain?
In a visit to the iron mines in Eisenerz

At work
Joerg said: "A photo as a memory from Leoben", so I looked at him..and I did that strange pose!! :))
When I was doing the micro-hardness indentations
Saying Goodbye to my room..23rd of July!! :)

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