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Outings in Cairo

 Sunday, I was supposed to meet the EGY06 trip in front of Mena House..nobody showed up!

Monday, I met a group of students on the Cairo trip..and I gave them a tour at AUC. At 6:00 PM, I got a phone call from Amanda from Mena House. I managed to meet her, and we had a nice outing..we had Ruzz B'Laban (rice pudding)..and we said goodbye to each other! :o(


Wednesday..I got a phone call from Samantha, which sounded exactly as Amanda! :) I went to Hilton searching for Amanda, but I found Samantha! :)) We visited AUC, Cairo Opera House, and crossing the Nile...and then I said goodbye! :)

That was all....ooh...I miss those days!!

7 Days with SAS