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My Resume
Moataz Mohammad Attallah

Professional Qualifications and Skills

     Work experience in the area of teaching, and working as undergraduate teaching assistant.
     Work experience in areas of research.
     Experience with laboratory instruments, including: standard universal testing machines, and other
     testing machines.
     Extensive speaking experience as a teaching assistant, chairperson, and students representative
     in various university committees.
     Varied involvement in  teaching, grading, tutoring, and exams proctoring.
     Experience with helping students; Assisting in writing petitions for the students ,suggesting
     changes in the AUC academic policies in the Admission and  Liberal Arts committees, and
     university committees meetings as student representative


    Egyptian Secondary School Certificate (Thanaweyya Amma):
         1994-1996  Orman Experimental Language School, Egypt
         Major: Science
         Score: 102.25%
    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Major, Electronics Minor.
        The American University in Cairo (1996-present) expected graduation Spring 2001

Work Experience

Service and Other Activities Hobbies

     Tennis, reading, creative writing, science fiction movies, and correspondence.
Attempted Domains

Engineering drawing (freehand, and computer aided using Auto CAD), engineering rigid body mechanics (statics, and dynamics), engineering materials and testing, analytical chemistry, fluid mechanics, general electrical engineering, management, creative and technical writing, and computer programming using Fortran and Basic.

1-Electrical circuit assembling
2-Decision making in Crisis situations: Crisis Management
3-Boron in materials technology: its application in the field of ceramics
4-Power factor improvement: report on a study for an industrial plant

Personal data

Date of Birth  : May 30, 1979
Nationality     : Egyptian
Marital status : Single


Furnished upon request