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Day 5
Thursday, 3rd of August

As usual, I managed to make it at almost 7:30 AM, thanks to Adam alarm clock! A quick shower, then to breakfast. I was dressed in a blue shirt and shorts. After the breakfast, I headed to the core class. I met Amanda there, and actually took my seat beside her. She told me that I would be invited by Dr. David Brumble, who gives her travel writing class to talk this afternoon or so!
The core class was half boring when they were speaking about the oil business, half interesting when they showed Umm Kalthoum video, which was cool! After the class, Amanda introduced me to Dr. Brumble who asked me to attend his class, at about 2:00 PM to speak.
So, I hurried to my room, to bring my pencil and journal to think about something. BUT, that was not all! Jobbi told me that I would speak at that night as well in the pre port talk! It was an extensive talking and presentations day!

David's class is about travel writing. Therefore, I had to think about what a traveler should seek in Egypt. As my friends know, I am fond of presentations and public speaking. Yet, David's class was the ice-breaking opportunity for me!  
I identified some points, such as: the Egyptian identity, role of religion, culture, civilization, history and future. I spent the day until the class thinking and thinking. What I normally do when I have any presentation is to do a rehearsal in which I say all that I am going to
say. But, this time..I made it directly!

I spoke..without any note cards, any transparencies, any slides,..anything..for almost 1 hour. I think I did okay! Yet, after the class, one of the survivors who used to attend that class came to me. She told me: "You speak very well, but you should speak a bit slowly!" So..the high feelings that I got..and the broken ice, started to solidify again!

Some people were impressed, and one of them was Amanda! I think I got some questions after my talk about my English and how long I've been learning it, whether I graduated or not, and about my major..surprisingly enough..mechanical engineering!

I hurried to prepare for the other presentation. I wrote down about 13 different points, but I preferred to omit number 13 from the list, and made it 14 because I know people do not like 13! :)
I wrote about food, drinks, exchange, phone, email, transportation, safety, hygiene, souvenirs, mail service, sights in Cairo and Alexandria, etc...

At about 6:00 PM, I took my dinner. Yet, all of sudden, the sea turned out to be a bit windy and I had a waggling feeling in my stomach after this. So, I went to the room, took another shower, and dressed up for the presentation! :) Because I felt that I am going to fall sea-sick, I started a jogging session around the ship, in which actually I was thinking more about what I was going to say.

A photo I had at AUC 
September 1998. 
8:00 PM, the Union. I was there giving my presentation. It took about 30 minutes, and I think it was okay..!..I really like public speaking. That time was different because at some moments, because of the rough sea, I felt that I am dancing or about to fall, or that the podium is about to fall!  
I was glad to speak, and to make some fun as well..and I think people did enjoy this talk. At 9:00 PM, I had to rush into my room to get dressed up (for the second time) for the Ambassador's ball. I was dressed in a way that is pretty close to the one in this photo. I like blue shirts, but mine was a bit dark blue this time, with a very dark trousers, and a cool C&A tie (my dad's tie!) :) 
Since Adam thought that he knew how to make the knot, I preferred to do it myself..and it was ok! :)
So, the ball was so cool! I was searching for my claimed date (Michelle)!! Yet, I found other people who pulled me to dance..especially Amanda and Cheryl! The ball was over at 12:15 AM! Yet, I stayed until 4:30 AM this time with Samantha and Jennie. Samantha was dressed exactly like Whitney Houston in the Body Guard movie! At that night, Sam took my invitation, and wrote something on it..then she sealed the envelope. She asked me to open it in Cairo. I followed her advice, and I opened it just 2 days ago, where it had inside:
"I will miss you! Love, Sam. Semester @ Sea 200"

 Day 6
7 Days with SAS