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Day 6
Friday, 4th of August

To remind you, I slept at almost 4:30 AM..dead tired...I remember that I heard Adam's clock at 7:00 AM..but my audio centers in my brain had some sort of block-out!

9:30 AM
...Open my eyes...screaming: "haay..hay..what'sappening?! The ship is sinking?!?!"
I found Ragab on the door, together with the lady I do not remember her name..but she was the one responsible for taking the photos. She said: "They want you in the core class!"... fact I was supposed to participate in a panel discussion about Egypt and Israel, and the Middle East peace process. Thank God, I was dead tired..because I do not like political discussions at 9:00 AM!
Rushing to the union, I was there are 9:45 AM..rubbing my eyes! They had a panel discussion, with Thomas Schott, and his wife (Adam's mother), because she is Israeli and Dr. Schott taught in Israel for a long time, with Dr. Nadia Atif, and Bill. I continued the class, half asleep, half starving in fact. Then, when they finished, I went to take a cup of tea to help me to regain part of my strength!
Every time I met somebody, they asked me: "Are you feeling OK?" And...I replied every time saying.."yeah..pretty okaaY!" Until I discovered that because I was late, Adam told everybody that I was not feeling OK! :) That was really smart in fact..but people got it serious..! :)

This time, I was assigned by Randy to give a presentation in which I would say why Egypt would be different for everybody! So, I spent the time between the lunch and dinner doing this. In addition, I had a cool chat on lunch with several people who were interested about Egypt and Islam. I also talked with Alex, Jennie, Sam and Nasser.

7:00 PM..another shower, shaving..dressing up for the biiig presentation. And at 8:00 PM I was there in the union for the presentation. My two transparencies said the following 4 points: why Egypt is different:
1. Egyptian Identity, with a box having the word "Egyptian" and out of it comes these words (Arab, Muslim, Copt, Semitic, African, Mediterranean, Pharaohs, ME (Middle Easterner..not mechanical engineering!) etc..) That was my first point..of puzzling the people to think about!
2. Egyptian Spectrum, in which I meant the variation of traditions and people from north to south, east to west of Egypt..with another puzzling question asking whether this is a source of unity or diversity a bless or a curse?!!
3. Religion: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism
4. History and Civilization...

Parts of what I said:
"These are the things that you yourself have to answer and define. Remember that you are student, and you will question the issues of the Egyptian identity, the diversity of ethnicity and traditions, as well as religions and the history."
"We had a 7000 years civilization..but why did we lose our great civilization? These were the ideas of a 21 years old Egyptian student, who studies at an American University..but still from a patriotic family."
"These are the questions I ask to myself everyday in the morning when I see the pyramids from my window, and I think more..why did we lose our civilization? why are we a third world country..a developing country.?? How can we restore back our day?"

I think this presentation was the best I have ever presented in my whole life..because it was all from the heart, and I focused all my senses and abilities to make it look good!

I think most of the people enjoyed this one because everybody was clapping, for about 15 seconds or so..and they were stopped by Randy who said:
"Mizo..did it again!" :o)
So, they clapped once more...
So, he said: "Next semester, Mizo will join us as the academic dean!" :o)
My face blushed...and I rushed into the WC...looked into my was red like a tomato! I looked into myself in the mirror, and involuntarily, I said to myself in the mirror: "Oops..I did it again!" :o)
I washed my face with cold water..and then returned back to the union.
At the end, Dean Dennison gave me a present for my effort during the trip, and he said:
"To the man we all knew as Mizo, to somebody from whom I learnt about Egypt more than what I learnt from the books!"
That was great..I was about to cry! :o)

So, from 9:00 PM to 1:30 AM I was sitting around the swimming pool, talking to more people, answering more questions...! :) But, at 1:30 I had to go to the room to pack my stuff, that was my last night...unfortunately!

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