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Day 7
Saturday, 5th of August

Last day..I woke up at 7:00 AM by a phone call from the purser's. I went there, and finished my passport business. I had my breakfast with Sam and Jennie. We were already in Alexandria..hooome! :)
I told everybody that if somebody wants to visit Alexandria on their own, they can join me. So, I made it with Amanda and Jennie.

It was a good day! We had a walk along the "corniche", looking into the sea...the people! We visited a coptic and catholic churches, a school, and a kindergarten as well!
We had lunch together in a Koshari shop, with Umm Ali as a dessert!
Then, at about 6:00 PM I said goodbye to both of them, with the hope that we will meet in Cairo..for sure! Yet, that was the last time for Jennie!
I took the superjet, and I was home at 9:30 PM.

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