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And when I die………

  It will start with a period of two weeks. I will pass by series of frustration, depression, sadness, madness, and grieve. It may result of grades, pressures, stresses, compressions or even torsion! Then I hope I will go through a religious period, asking Allah everyday to forgive me, followed by a long weep in my bed.
  In the university, I hope I will get more friendly with people. I will search for everyone I angered or caused any trouble for to ask him to forgive me. Fortunately, I do not borrow money or anything except from the library, hence I have to clear my account. Friends show themselves one after one; the good shows to be good, and vice versa. I will know the group of hypocrites who claim their support and love for me.
  Then one day, I will be sleeping in peace. However, that nap will lengthen to a long period of rest in peace……..


  At AUC, they will get worried about me. I have never been absent. They will call at home, where they will hear a voice of Quran recitation, and somebody crying. Then somebody will tell them the whole story.
  Throughout the next few days, all the friends of my life will know. Alpha, my school friend, will know and he will weep like women and he will not go to his college for days. He will make his family weep with him because they used to love me. After his recovery, he will tell the rest of the guys about that. Beta, who used to oppose my leadership to our group in the school will say : "Dog, and it passed away = kalb we ra7." I know very well that a lot will say the same expression. This shows how people used to love me.
  Perhaps the teachers of the school will know and all of them, with no exception, will feel sad for me. They may fall in deep sadness and mourning.
  Returning back to AUC, Gamma my best friend will follow alpha’s path, however his sadness will be kept inside him as a potential danger. A lot will follow Beta’s path and they will feel glad because they got rid of such a dirty creature like me. They will say: "He was arrogant." Others will say: "He was so proud." Only a few people of my opponents may feel sad for me, but they will return and say: "AUC is really better without him."

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