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The Dirty Game

  Saad Zaghloul, the great Egyptian leader, said once: "The nation is the source of authority." This is mainly what we can call A B C of politics. That great leader led Egypt to achieve its first nominal independence. He was also the engineer of the first Egyptian constitution in 1923. Afterwards, he was elected as the Prime-Minister. Nevertheless, the man had to resign after 9 months because he felt that his authority was withdrawn from him by the corrupt king and the imperialistic forces.
  Based on this argument, we can claim that 99% of today’s leaders are politically illiterate if we can oppress illiteracy by adhering that concept to it. Any political system depends on three main factors; its legitimacy, its authority, and finally its sovereignty. In case any factors of these three fails, the system becomes no longer capable of surviving, and it collapses.

  Because of Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon had to resign from his position as the American President. The man felt that the nation would no longer trust him, hence his legitimacy, from which he gets his authority, no longer existed. Thus he resigned.
  However, all the leaders are not like Nixon. They do not  care to learn the true A B C of politics. They have worse alternatives to learn. They want to be the ultimate source of authority. They want to stay in their positions, and never to leave it except in their way to the grave, as if they were stuck to it by a powerful super glue.
  Today’s leaders are different; they believe  that the position is the origin of authority. They run for elections because they desire the position to achieve a individual victory. Their ultimate objective is the seek for absolute power, and in their way to achieve this they can ruin all the gorgeous means and values that the humanity has been struggling to protect them since the time of Adam.

  Some leaders conceive the damned book of Machiavelli "lo prince" their credo, and they commit to memory every line in that  cursed book. That book gave the politician an advice about what he should do to persevere and to promote in his position. However, it did not give him an advice about what he should do for his people. The book teaches the politician how to be a liar, pragmatic, utilitarian, hypocrite, opportunist, or even a killer to achieve the position, and nothing but the position.
  An alive example for us is Macbeth. It is the famous Shakespearean play about the fighter who was told by three witches that he was going to be a king. In his way to be the king, he killed all the figures that stood in his way. Had Macbeth waited, he might have reached the position of the king without all that blood shed. Finally, Macbeth was killed.

  By all means, politics is a dirty game. It is not a game of definite rules. Politics is exactly like a free-wrestling game; you can use everything; you can kick, punch, slap, or even kill. And if you killed, your lawyers can free you safely because it is a game. And once the game has started, you can never change the rules.
  The two pieces of advice I can give to you, as an expert player in the dirty game, is either you leave the dirty game for the dirty players who can never change their filthy style, or for the stubborn players who are ready to kill or to martyrize so that cleanliness may prevail. The second one is if you chose to play, never leave the battlefield, NEVER !!!!