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Is it something of pride to mention that Engineering means "creativity" in the Greek language? I assume-in Egypt-it is totally the opposite.

Engineering is one of the sons of Math's and Physics. However, he was interested in money-making, rather than knowledge-making. Therefore, he completely depended on what his parents gave to him of knowledge.

I believe that if the engineers preferred seeking money rather than knowledge, engineering would never advance. That is why the USA and other "good" countries pay large sums of money to sponsor engineering research. Here in Egypt, engineers want to build tourist villages in the North coast, assemble cars-with 40% locally produced parts (glass, seats, and windows!!).

I am interested in two specific fields of engineering; materials science and technology and mechanical design. Materials science is the science of civilization, and the real record for human advancement. From the stone age, to the bronze age, until we reached to our age; the age of ceramics, polymers, composites, semi-conductors, and super-conductors, materials have been shaping the history of mankind.

What about Design? One important achievement in the history of mankind was the invention of the wheel. Now, we live in the age of space shuttles, 4x4 cars, submarines, ships, etc.. thanks to mechanical design.

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