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Adventures in Austria (1)

I spent the period between the 9th of June until the 23rd of July 2000 in Austria, interning in the university of mountain sciences in Leoben (MontanUniversitat Leoben (MUL).These are some pics from Austria, and its beautiful nature.
One of my best ever pics. These were two pics that I joined using adobe (as you can see in the middle). They fitted great!! I took it on my 2nd day in Leoben when I went to the mountains with Enric. 
The river Mur crosses the city, which can be seen in the far right under the mountain.
My second day in Leoben, where I worked, my Spanish friend Enric Masso and I went to the mountains. It was a nice day, and a new experience for me to see "green" mountains, not like the ones we have in Egypt!!
In my first weekend in Leoben, Elton John had a concert in Leoben. The tickets were expensive (400 AS = 25 US$). So I went with Raul my roommate from Mexico(left) and Enric to listen to Elton without paying!! :) The photo was taken by one of the Chinese students who were filling the hostel! :) 
In my last weekend, I went with Raul and Leo from Brazil to the mountains of Leoben again. As a change, I wore off my glasses! People think this pic is really cool with the mountain, greenery and the sky! :) 
Another fantastic pic. However, the price of it was really expensive!! I had an insect bite on my leg! It left a mark until today!! :) Thank God it was only an insect! I thought there were snakes too!! :)
From the tower of Leoben, as seen, LtR: Leonardo Padeiro (Leo) and Raul Sempe and myself. My hair needed cutting, but that was one week before coming back home! :) 
The city of Leoben is behind us in the pic. 
The main square (Hautplatz) of Leoben. You can see myself and the Polish twins Lucas and Roman. I couldn't distinguish between them until my last day!! :) 

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