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Adventures in Austria (2)

I went with Raul to Vienna in my 2nd weekend. It is a great city. In this pic, I was sitting under a statue for Goethe, a German philosopher who contributed to the German-Austrian culture.
I found this nice fountain and small lake in a garden that has statues for several musicians and arists. It was a nice view for sure! :)
Vienna tram line! It stopped in the opernring (Opera ring street). You can see the Opera facade from the tram window. I was almost screaming in this pic."Hurry up Raul, the tram is gonna leave!!" :)
Standing in front of the Austrian parliament saying hi! 
Maria Theresa square (known as the museums square. 
Schloss Schonn Brun Palace
The schonn brun (beautiful fountain) palace is located south west of Vienna. It used to be the royal palace for the Habsburg family. It is famous for being the palace of Kaiser Franz Joseph and Kaiseren Elisabeth (Sisi). The fer forge' looks really nice! 
From the other side, how the palace looks like.Really nice picture by Raul too! 
From the highest point in the schonn brun. The city of Vienna appears in the background. 

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