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Austria 3

Around Austria
I traveled around Austria during this period. One cold day we went to Eisenerz, a small city famous for its iron mines. I really enjoyed it sooo much!! :) I really like this pic too!!
In the mine
Bruck An Der Mur
Bruck An Der Mur is another city near Leoben. It has beautiful scenery as you can see!
Stubing is a small city located near Graz. It has an open air museum that shows the transformation of rural life in Austria during the previous 4 centuries.

Graz is the 2nd biggest Austrian city. I visited it 4 times: for university work, for watching MI2 (we couldn't find one which is not synchronized in German), once for visiting Van Gough museum, and once for shopping!! :o)
IAESTE trainees!!

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