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Adventures in Austria (4)

MontanUniversitat Leoben
I did soooo many things in MUL, starting from donkey work, to high level of research!! In this picture, I was producing micro-cracks using a blade to perform a single edge notch crack for bending test. That was a good topic! 
Another good part was the shape memory alloys! This is one of the most interesting issues that I've seen! 
LtR: Kerstin, Heinrich, myself and Andreas
More cracks, notches, indentations!!! :) 
As Jeorg once said: "We spend long time in preparing those specimens, and then we break them at the end!!" :)
Helmut and Verena (Venus) were 2 cool pals I met there!! Verana is possibly 17 by now! :)
Group photo with the institut fur Metallkunde people! 
LtR:Franz, Rainer, Joerg, Paul, myself, Stefan, Monica and Harald
myself, Kerstin and Michael


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