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I had the opportunity to present Egypt and AUC with semester at sea program during its Summer 2000 sailing. Check the story!
Monday, 31st of July, 2000
Once in Rome, the first place I wanted to visit was the Coloseum. It is a big thing, that reminds with the famous movie "Gladiator"! This nice pic was taken by a Japanese young lady, who searched for a good place for the photo!! 
Advice: Always ask the Japs to take you a photo whenever you need!! :)
Lots of people in front of the Coloseum waiting to get in! But I had just less than 15 minutes for photo-taking!! :)
I found this arc de triumphe! I thought the French only got one!
Piazzo Venezia! After 15 minutes, it was lunch time!
Here is the Pantheon. On the other side, there was McDonald's! This is an Egyptian obelisk!
The City of the Vatican
Basilica Saint Pietro (St. Peter)
City of the Vatican
Sistine Chapell
Near the Spanish steps (Spagna)

Italy 1
Italy 2
Italy 3