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Graduation Project Presentation

Introducing my part in the presenation. Also seen Hossam taking care of the data show
Eye contact, laser pointer in the right hand and a mouse in the left hand
Pointing out certain aspects in my design
LtR: Heba Resk, myself, Rami Fakhry, Hossam Gharib, Ahmed Mohsen, and Ihab Rashad
receiving questions from professors in the Question & Answer period
Answering a question, and a doubtful look from Heba that I knew what I was talking about!! :)
After the presentation...everyone is glad! :)
LtR: Rami Fakhry, Hossam Haggag, myself, Haitham Nasr, Ihab Magdy and Heba Resk
Hossam and Haitham were the team presenting before us, so they were kind enough to give us a hand after we presented! :) 

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