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My Personal Interests

First of all, I would like to follow a certain sequence in defining my fields of interest.
I am Muslim Egyptian, born in a patriotic family where my dad spent more than half his age in the service of his religion, and his country as an officer in the Egyptian army. My mother represented Egypt, and the Islamic point of view in several international conferences and seminars, dealing with population and human welfare.
I have the Islamic and Egyptian feeling. I do not beleive in what is termed Arabism, and nationalism. Before getting into details, you should go through my first page Politics.

Second, I am an Engineer, or supposed to be in shaa Allah an Engineer after three years. I am in deep fond of Engineering, or the art and science of creativty. My love in Engineering goes to one of the fast growing sciences, which is the science of Materials and its technology.
Moreover, I have a deep love called Physics, the science of nature or as I call it the Mother of All sciences.
Therefore, you have to pass by these two pages:
Materials Engineering and Technology

Finally, I like writing. I write short stories, research papers(in fields other than Engineering, such as: psychology, history, and management), and articles. Sometimes, I publish them in the University Newspaper. Somtimes, I give it to a bunch of friends to read, and get feedback from them.
Pass by this page, and I promise you, you may laugh, smile, cry, or kill yourself!!!!
Creative and Academic writing