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Other Pics

             On the 23rd of March 1999, the US first lady (or maybe we can now say the ex-US first lady, and the representative of NY!) Ms. Hillary Clinton visited the AUC. I was selected to be among the 28 students (most are Americans!) who met her, and Chelsea!
She gave an outstanding speech I must say! Then she had a very short talk with us, in which everyone introduced him/herself! But I spoke for couple of minutes with Chelsea! :) She told me she studies pre-med. and history of religion in Stanford. 

I remember an American student asked Ms. Hillary: " you plan to run for election in NY?" and Hillary replied: "Are you registered to vote?" :)..but the guy said:" I am ready to campaign!"

Rick Lazio should have listened to that!  ;)
Another pic for March 2000 this time! I was in the Student Union Office, during the period when I was the academic affairs committee chairperson in the AUC student union. They were taking some pics for the people to be included in the yearbook. I stood in that position, as if  I am reading something. It was a memo from the university senate!