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Scenes from my everyday album

 After long period of thinking that gave us the impression that he might say something that ends the debate, he said: "I believe there is no problem in the legalization of drugs, especially the soft drugs like marijuana." I was shocked, and I asked him : "What is the point of soft in drugs; something that causes addiction?." He replied : " There is no addiction; it is something taken for some ecstasy and the person can give it up easily." After the class I went for him. He said: " You know that bango has some medical advantages on the person who takes it?." I said: "Really?? Where did you read that results? In the American society for drugs-dependents bulletin ?"

  We were sitting together talking about AUC. She asked me suddenly: " Is there anything wrong in dancing?." I replied: "Well…..!!!!"
  In fact I were not able to answer because the question seemed vague.

 I read in Al-Ahram an article by an ambassador about a play presented at AUC. The man was steaming with anger, and he said that the play is "..a part of a program prepared to strengthen ethical deterioration in the Egyptian society." The man was full of wrath because the heroine  of the play was hugged and kissed several times.
  I opened the TV a few seconds later to find a scene in an Egyptian movie that resembles exactly what the ambassador was describing.

  It is a very cold day. It might rain even, and cold air is storming. After a few seconds, this idea was absolutely removed from my mind and I thought that summer has come early. That happened when I passed by the SS garden.

  The professor asked: " What does DNA stand for?." When I answered, I found all the class smiling and looking at that strange creature that came from Mars.

  Finally, I found a day for outing. In the way, the motor temperature became 110°C. We opened the car, however we were going to put water in the motor. Finally, one of us tested the temperature by putting his finger into the radiator.!! It was a little bit hot !

  We were talking about somebody. I said: "Well, that guy does not appeal to me." He said : "Why?." I replied: "I do not like him because he drinks." However, he was not smart enough to get what I meant, so he exclaimed : "Drink what?." I answered, in a diplomatic way,: "C2H5OH !!!"

  In a math class, the doctor was so contented , hence he said a joke. He said: "Once a guy was living in a village. He went to a university. When he returned back, his mother asked him : "What did you take in the university?." He replied : "Algebra". She said: " What is that Algebra?." He drew by his hand a circle in air, and he said: "Area = pie, r square pr-² ." His mum replied : " I know the pie is round."!!!

  In a final, all the class trying to concentrate and answer. The doctor suddenly said: "Try while you are solving the exam to enjoy your time. Have fun!!"

  In  the way to AUC, a girl in the micro-bus looked at me and said : "Hi". I looked to her in astonishment. She continued: "Hay, you do not remember me?" I tried to remember, and I thought that she might be a high school colleague, or may be I have taken a course with her at AUC, or may be a friend from the club. She ended my confusion by saying: "I am Yasmine, your neighbor!!!"

  While the doctor was explaining hydrostatic pressure on dams, a student, driven by curiosity, asked: "Sir,  how do they build a dam?." The doctor replied, directly: "Well…. Very carefully."!!!
In an Engineering class, I submitted the assignment at 2:00 Pm. The doctor asked me at 2:50 : "where is your assignment?" I said: "But I handed it sir!!" he replied: " I know, but where is it?" I replied: " with you." He replied: "No". that was my first experience at AUC engineering

Based on true stories!!