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I met..I miss..I love!

"Perhaps I told some of you about my travel feelings. I first started to have these feelings this year, because this was my first year ever to travel outside Egypt. The more I travel, the more I get to know more people, and the more it is unbelievable that after I spend some good days with them, I come to the sad fact that we have to leave each other. And only God knows whether we are going to meet again or not......."
From Cairo, with Love!
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 23:04:14
Email to my SAS friends

Maria Khalifa
My Egyptian friend...el masreyya...who speaks the cutest Arabic accent on earth! I had good time with you. I hope we will meet again one day..! I hope your Arabic will improve more and more! :)
Amanda Laichak
Lots of things to be said about Amanda..Mandi..Mandy! I really enjoyed her company on the ship, and in Cairo and Alexandria as well!! :) I hope that I accomplished what I was supposed to do. I wanted to give a good image and impression for my country..and for the Egyptians..and I hope I did!   
By the way, Amanda is a very normal girl..but in this photo..she looks a bit weird! :) It is a comic photo anyway!
Samantha Lieberfarb
A missing photo from this page, but it is not missing from my mind at all! At the night of the Ambassador's ball, Samantha (or Sam) took the invitation letter and wrote something in it, then she sealed the envelope. She asked me never to open it except in Cairo. 2 days ago, while I was organizing my stuff..I found it..and guess what was inside!  
"I will miss you..Sam..Semester @ sea 2000"  
Same here Sam! :) I'll never forget you!
Jennifer Broadhurst
Another missing photo, but it is not missing from my mind..and it will never be! Jennie with the curly hair, with the nice smile..from California..and with the weirdest questions on earth! :) I think I spent more than one half my time with her and Sam, talking and chatting on the swimming well as in Alexandria!  
I hope you enjoyed your stay..and hope to hear from you soon!
Thomas Schott &
Adam Schott
Father and son!!..but I got the father's photo only. Adam was my roommate, and he was really cool! Thanks Adam for waking me up during my stay..! :)  
I forgot to get your email, but I hope you got mine.   
I felt that your dad is one of best professors on board from the presentation he gave during the core class...I hope we will be in touch soon!
David Brumble
The man with the smart eyes! That was my first feeling when Amanda introduced me to Dr. Brumble. He invited me to give my first presentation on board in his writing class. Although I like presentations and teaching because this part of my part-time job at AUC, yet I always need to break the ice when I present at different atmosphere! So..thanks a lot for giving me the chance to break the ice..! :)
  Dean LesMcCabe The administrative man..that was my feeling. Dean McCabe looks like a director or a CEO. I felt that he probably knows everything on the ship, starting from the speed of the ship, to the speed of the motor RPM, and even who is asleep and who is awake!!!!  
He was a captin..without a sailor suit..more like a leader in fact! :)
Dennison Rusinow Dean Denny
The ultimate source of knowledge on board..Dean Denny! He looks pretty similar to this fact!! 
He knows lots of everything I assume!
Nasser AlDamer (with the cap to the left): my Saudi friend who knows about Egypt more that what I know!  

Reinard Heinisch (to the right): the Austrian! His approach in lecturing is so smooth an easy..! I hope one day he will try to teach engineering to help me! :)

William Griswold 
The man who got my deepest appreciation and admiration on board..! :) 
Captin Kritikos The captin of the ship, who proved to be a great Greek dancer...! :) We all enjoyed his Greek dancing, as well as dancing on the music of Gypsy kings!
Quick Messages to the names I remember!

Please if you know the email of any of these people, please send it to me! :)

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