SWOT analysis: a method of analyzing an organizationís competitive situation that involves assessing organizational strengths (S), weaknesses (W), environmental opportunities (O), and threats (T).
  Both strengths and weaknesses are internal factors, that are subject to change from within the organization itself. Opportunities and threats are the conditions within the external environment that affects the organization, such as: technological, economic, legal-political, sociocultural,  and the international element.



  a -  Highly qualified full time, and part time faculty.
  b -  Highly skilled students due to the highly competitive selection in admissions.
  c -  Advanced technology in the University facilities; optic fiber network, ACS server, well-equipped engineering, natural sciences, and computer labs (relative to the Egyptian universities) , and research centers (Desert research center).
  d -  Distinctive  rank in the private universities market in Egypt, in comparison to other universities, such as: Misr International Univ., 6th of October Univ., etc..
  e -  Continuous renovations either in facilities (New campuses in Falaki and New Cairo), technology, and staff.
  f -  Well defined managerial policy; well-defined hierarchy.
  g -  Monopolizing the employment market of some majors, such as: construction management and industrial engineering, business administration, political science, and computer science.
  h -  Private university, accredited by several authorities, such as: the Egyptian ministry of education, Egyptian Syndicates, ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology), the higher council of universities in Egypt, MSA  (Commission on Higher education of the Middle States Association of colleges and schools) and AACU (American Association for Colleges and Universities).
  i -   An integrated modern library, containing books, microfilms, periodicals, and other documents, arranged on the same model of the Congress library. Moreover, the university has a special collection library, which is actually a fortune.
  j -  Paying great care to social sciences research  due to the presence in a good field for research in the Middle East, and Egypt in specific.
  k -  The university has a hostel, which serves all the international students.
  l -  Absence of unemployment among AUC graduates due to the presence of Career Advising and Placement Service (CAPS office).
  m -  The university appreciates the extra-curricular activities and encourages them, and that is what makes AUC graduates different.


  a -  High tuition fee, relative to the other private universities in Egypt, and even to the American state-universities.
  b -  Unbalanced budget, where about 60% of the budget is composed of money from tuition, while the rest comes through donations from companies, like Esso, Shlumberger, Ford foundation, General Electric, USAID, etc.
  c -   Absence of adequate facilities in the field of graduate research, in comparison to other American Universities.
  d -  The absence of an undergraduate research program.
  e -  Weak image in the Egyptian society (market), because of the claim that AUC westernizes the Egyptian students.
  f -  Weak marketing techniques, limited to advertisement in the newspapers.
  g -  The absence of financing source, other than tuition and donations, like research centers.
  h -  Currently before the new campuses end, the university suffers from an un-limited problem of space, in addition to the parking area around the existing campuses and the traffic from and to them.


  a -  Dominating the market of the private universities in Egypt with other competing universities, like 6th of October Univ., and perhaps the Middle East, like AUB and AUD, after the construction of the new campuses.
  b -  The ability to serve more customers of students in the Under-grad, and Grad. Levels after building the news campuses (Currently AUC serves 3,584 Under-grad, and 592 Grad. )
  c -  Attraction of more foreign students.
  d -  The chance of finding more financial resources through fundraising, by the newly appointed President.
  e -  Establishment of well-equipped campus in Falaki, that will serve as an Engineering faculty that will include electronics engineering.
  f -  The use of optic fibers network in the new Cairo campus to link all the university through a powerful link.
  g -  By strengthening the existence of AUC, the AUCians might get better image and they might be accepted by the all the categories of the society.


  a -  Any expected political conflicts in the Middle East, either between Egypt and Israel, or Egypt and USA itself, or even like Gulf War. This may drop admissions to a destructive level. Moreover, the university might have to do without the American faculty and employees, and most of the university supports might withdraw their support. Thus the budget might be seriously harmed
  b -  Any expected security or political problems in Egypt, either like terrorism or any serious changes in the current regime. The admissions of international students might drop to a serious level.
  c -  Competition with other low cost competitors, like 6th October Univ., Misr International Univ.
  d -  Increase in the Egyptian cultural persistence, and their refusal of the AUCians. Thus, AUC image continues to deteriorate.
  e -  Increase in the number of offered AUC graduates to what the market demands. Thus unemployment appears among the AUC graduates like any Egyptian university
  f -  Failure in the process of fundraising for the construction of the new campuses.