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I was asked several time by some people about my graduation project. So here it is! It is a human powered land vehicle for racing purposes. Our calculations say that this "thing" will reach 80 Km/hr, or 50 miles/hr inshaa Allah! We are a group of 6 students, 5 guys and one girl! It is well-known everywhere that girls are not that available in engineering...what about mechanical engineering!!!! ;)

I was responsible for something called the Aerodynamics of the vehicle, which is to design its outer body (fairing) in order to have a very streamlined body, like the body of a corvette for example. We use something called CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to make sure it has the least flow circulation and separation. It is very short (1 meter=3 ft), and has a recumbent position for the driver. These are some pics, and drawings generated by MATLAB. If somebody is concerned, the top view has NACA 0033 airfoil shape. I hope it wouldn't fly though! ;)

Aerodynamic Fairing-Isometric view
The frame which should fit inside the body
The side view showing the driver position

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