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This is what we built: an ultra-streamlined human powered land vehicle. It should reach to a speed of 50 miles per hour. My task was to design the outer skin (fairing). I hope you find it creative by any means!!! :o)

That's me presenting my design in the presentation. My colleague Hossam can be seen taking care of the slide show to make sure that it should work well.

Making eye contact!!!! :o) My preferred hobby in the presentation!!

Pointing with my laser pointer to the screen

This is what I was pointing design!

Answering questions after the presentation! We spent the night together from 00:00 AM until 7:00 AM preparing the presentation. Left to right (Heba, myself, Rami, Hossam, Ahmed, Ihab). We were all sleepy as you can see!! :)

Here I am answering a question, while Heba was giving me a "fearful" look whether I knew the answer or not! :)

After the presentation: LtR: Rami, Hossam II, myself, Haitham, Ihab & Heba

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