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Love in a movie theater

It started by a feeling of boredom. Thus I contacted Ahmed, and I asked him to accompany me to watch a movie. I proposed Titanic, because I believe we were the only people in the world who did not watch it until that time; 25 weeks after the first show. Even mum and dad watched it. I will never forget the day when mum came from Alexandria, where she attended a conference there to tell me: "You know what we did after the conference?" I said: " What mum?" She replied: " we watched the movie of the sunk ship!!" She kept on telling everyone about that, even dad who became jealous to the extent that I found him the other day returning home at 1:30 AM. I asked him: "where have you been, dad?" He replied: " I was in Titanic!!!"

Really I do miss movies. As an Engineering student, I hardly find time, even to take a shower! The movie started, bearing in mind what Dr. James taught us: " The Engineer should always analyze every phenomenon he watches, and relate it to any concept he had in mind." I wanted to do this, and I did. How? Follow me.

During the first part of the movie, I had a question in my mind, is that yellow drink they drink is C2H5OH (ethyl alcohol) or it is a normal type of a juice. I did not bother myself, because they showed the motors room, with great non-stopping crank shafts of large size. It came to my mind to estimate the amount of grease these shafts use. In addition, I noticed that at that time they were using coal as their fuel. I know that coal is not such a good fuel, because the calories it supplies is by far lower than that supplied by oil, or natural gas even.

The ship itself was a masterpiece in its shape. Imagine people built such a gigantic piece, when? In the beginnings of this century, with no computer aided design, finite elements, temperature change resistant alloys, stress analysis, or even electrical motors. Definitely the engineer who built it was a genius.

During the movie, all the people were following the guy and the girl, however I was following the engineer who built the ship. In fact the man who played the role of the engineer deserved the Oscar. His features are really of an engineer; the look in his eyes, the way he talks, and behaves. I respected him more when it came to the part when he told the people that they did not consider his recommendation to increase the number of the rescue boats. There is one more important fact that I would like to highlight; the sinking of the ship was not his fault; it was the fault of the stupid captain who did not watch the iceberg.

Then it came to the moment I was waiting for; the ship was sinking. Water started to flow through the ship. Definitely water was creating a gigantic pressure on the ship. I bet that Pascal, the scientist who put the concept of pressure, would like to see it by himself. The scene of flow was more attractive in fact, water was flowing and you can see science is being acted in front of your eyes. I wish Bernoulli, the founder of fluid mechanics,  had been with us.

The closing scene ;the fracture of the ship was the one that really gave a taste to that movie. You can see in front of your eyes why things get brittle in cold weather. The ship made a perfect shear type fracture. All the silly people in the movie were crying, the dumps. Actually I was about to cry, not for the boy and the girl, but for the engineer. He refused to leave the ship he designed. This is how the engineer should be in fact, because he considered that it was his mistake to let them go without following his recommendation.

In fact, the most annoying thing throughout the movie was the continuous screams of Celine Deone. She was really distracting because her voice exceeded 60 decibels, and this is considered very powerful.

P.S.: Based on true story!

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