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1-My Wife:)
2-My Wife Counter Opinion
3-My photo With Dr. Ahmed Zewail
4-Photo with US First Lady Hillary Clinton and first kid Chilsea Clinton.

5-Academic Production for the years 1998/99:

Excellent=>V. Good=>Good=>Adequate=>Poor
Title Description Grade
CONTACT MOVIE PRESENTATION Quark Club: "CONTACT?" Excellent (2.3 Mbyte!)
Prisoners of Freedom Philosophy First Paper: "An answer to the question do we posses free will?" Excellent
Relative Existence Philosophy Second Paper: An answer to the question "In what, if anything, does personal identity consist?" Good
High Performance Ceramics Engineering Materials Project: A group project about the new materials that shape our future. V. Good
Strength of Materials Reports Strength of Materials: Complete set of reports dealing with strength and materials testing, such as: tension, compression, fatigue, torsion, NDT, etc. V. Good
Palestine: Tears on the face Sociology Paper: Anthropological study on The state of Palestine: Yes, the state of Palestine!!! Excellent
Harpoon Trajectory Term Project: A numerical, analytical study about determining the trajectory of Fish Harpoon. Adequate
Solar Car Design Term Project: A numerical, analytical study about designing the surface of a solar car. Poor!!
Manual Hydraulic Bender Engineering Manufacturing: Report on an application project. Good
Internal Combustion Engines Report on the different kinds of combustion engines. Excellent
Cooling Towers Report V. Good
Thermodynamics Reports Collection of thermodynamics reports, including: temperature measuring devices, cooling systems, combustion, and compressors.  V. Good
Sell/Hold Decision Engineering Economy Report. Adequate
Hexapod Joints Design Project: The design of new kinematic joints Good
The only condition:   
"Al Shart Al Wa7id"
An article published in Al-Ahram, Feb. 7th, 1999 Good
The vacant place:  
"Al Makan Al Shagher"
An article in Arabic Excellent
The Deep Impact: Is it Possible? A scientific article: published in the Quark Society Newsletter GALACTICA Good
Quarks in the no longer desert Trip to Owainat: Published in the Caravan Good
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