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U'R an Interport Student!!

M.T.S. Odysseus
I was selected by the American university in Cairo to represent Egypt and join a group of American students who are enrolled in a program called Semester At Sea. I traveled to Rome to meet them, and then to escort them on their trip on the M.T.S. Odysseus ship from Civitavecchia, Italy to Alexandria, Egypt. Following is a quick chronology for the selection period and its details!

* Time: End of March, 2000
On that day, I was busy in the Student Judicial Board election. I went to the Main Campus, where I met accidentally two of the Office of Student Activities staff. They informed me in an informal way that I was selected by Dean Montassir, the dean of students, to " a group of American students in their way to Egypt, and go with them on a ship to Alexandria during the summer."..over!!

* Time: mid May, 2000
I met Dean Montassir in her office. She asked me to contact NASCO tours, which is the travel agency to which I am supposed to arrange with them the details of my travel to Italy. I knew at that moment my exact role, which is the interport student of Egypt in the Summer 2000 trip of Semester At Sea. I also learned some of the functions of an interport student.

* Time: between 9th of June to the 23rd of July
My first encounter with the outside world. I was in Austria, doing my practical summer training in the university of mountain sciences in Leoben. During this long stay, I learnt so many things either on the scientific or personal levels.

* Time: 27th of July, 2000
I successfully got the VISA for Italy!!
Then..the 7 days will start. Get ready for the story..the detailed story that I tried to include all the tiny details in!

The Ship