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Do..a dear..a female dear
Ray..that falls from the golden sun
Me..a name I call myself
Fa..a long long way to run..
Sol..a needle pulling thread..
La..a note to follow sol..
Tea..I take with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do Do Do! :)
Do re me fa sol la te do!
"Sound of Music"
Julie Andrews singing on the mountains of Austria!

meen elli may7ebbesh fatma...fatma fi sadma fi 2atma!! :))

Hello folks!! ya 7abaybi ya 2ahli ya nasi! :))

It is now 14:00 from Thursday, the 8th of June. I will be traveling to Austria inshaa Allah after less than 24 hours. I will be working in the Institut fur Metallkunde, in the University of Leoben, Austria. This training opportunity was provided to me by the IAESTE, which is an international association for technical experience.
Austria, as it seems, is a cool place! I will do my best to update you with the trip, and what is happening there.
Let us start by telling you about the place I am going to, Leoben, which is a city within a large mo7afza called Styria! The capital of this mo7afza is called Graz. Here is a map of Austria showing where Leoben is (look to the bottom right).

I will try to keep updating you with what's happening every day through the updates. I tried to study Austria as much as I could. But, as some of you have told me, it is going to be an adventure by all means! So, let us see! :)

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