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My Future Wife

An Outstanding Career Opportunity

A Mechanical Engineering Student seeks skilled individuals to fill the following position:

1-Wife (1): The applicants should be:

a-A Science Student, and by science I mean Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math's. Being an Engineer or a physicist is an asset. Working in the field of Engineering Materials and/or design is a greater asset.
b-The graduation GPA must be minimum of 3.8 (Gayyed Geddan). In addition, a high score in the high school level is an asset.
c-She should be a hard worker, ambitious, stubborn, interested in filling the job, and obedient.
d-Knowledge of foreign language(s) is an asset.
e-Knowledge of computer language(s) is important; especially Fortran, Pascal, C++, and Visual Basic.
f-The applicant should be religious, preferably veiled.
g-The applicant should be expert in cooking, and kids treatment.
h-No previous experience is required, preferably no previous experience at all.
i-The applicant birth date should not be before 1/1/1979

The interested individuals have to send an email to The schedule of the interviews will be announced later. The interviews will start on the 1st of Feb. 2002 (Allah willing). Please attach to your email your resume, and a brief autobiography. In case the applicant has any publications, please attach to the email as well

Good Luck