Photo Album

PAGE [1]: Silence of the lambs!

1- Personal Photo: (with a weird background that ate part of my hair!)
2- Personal Photo

PAGE [2]: Deep impact

3- Photo with Dr. Ahmed Zewail, Nobel prize winner in chemistry '99
4- Another photo with Dr. Zewail, with the Quark Society members

PAGE [3]: Disclosure

5- Photo with the US First Lady Ms. Hillary Clinton & Chilsea Clinton
6- Another photo with Ms. Clinton

PAGE [4]: Contact

7- Photo with Dr. Farouk El-Baz, with the Quark Society members
8- Photo with the Quark Society members in East of Owainat
9- Photo in the Quark Society Faculty Reception
10- Photo for me carrying the Quark Society flag
11- Photo with my friends in the Student Union of the AUC