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The "Interests" page is supposed to be for everything other than Engineering, Physics, & Writing; which are "the" other three things of interest to me (Politics & Science Fiction & Movies). Their importance was sufficient to give each of them an independent page.


Or..the "dirty game" that I couldn't play that well. For somebody who knows me well, he might have noticed how I am "oscillating" between science and politics. In spite of the fact that I prefer to keep science as my first interest, I had the opportunity of doing some politics, either at the school's or the university's student union. Yet, based on what I hear from other people, I am a very lousy leader!

But how politics took part of my life? First, possibly because my father is an ex-general in the Egyptian army (1964-1993), currently a military engineer. Second, because of my mother, who can always present a political analysis of any event. My mother, who presented Egypt in several international conferences dealing with population, development, and women welfare, always has something to say.

Together with science and politics comes the third vertex of the triangle, which is religion-Islam. This is the mysterious triangle that pythagros could have never solved!

These sub-pages include some information, about my preferred political writers and books (in Arabic), and my black list

Science Fiction

Since most of the time during school I am trying to catch up with assignments, reports, exams, etc... I don't have time to watch movies, either on TV, Cinema, and Video. But when summer comes, it is time for science fiction. In spite of the fact that my brother does not like the science fiction movies, (saying these are for kids!), I get them to see how he reacts on watch them!!

The following list includes the titles of the best science fiction movies I have ever watched:

1. CONTACT: (Check an article about it, and a presentation)
2. Deep Impact: (Check an article)
3. X-Files: the famous TV-series
4. Apollo 13
5. Twister
6. Tomorrow Never dies: (Yes!! Science fiction...I don't care about other stuff)
7. Batman movies: (1, Returns, Forever, & Robin)..also science fiction!!
8. Independence Day
9. Men in Black        :science and fun!
10. Mars Attacks      :science and fun!
11. Outbreak
12. Jurassic Park & the Lost World

There are five non-sci.fic. movies, that touched me when I watched them:
1. Shaw shank redemption
2. Interview with a vampire
3. Seven
4. Forrest Gump
5. Kiss the girls hilarious movies:
1. Mr. Bean can say, I like watching Jodie Foster, Tom Hanks, & Morgan Freeman.