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I had the pleasure of taking this photo with Dr. Zewail when I invited him to give a lecture for the Quark Society at AUC. I sent him an email asking him to give a lecture, and he replied after 1 hour saying: "I am coming." It was taken on December 19th, 1998.

Standing (LtR): Ahmed Galal-Salah AbouKhadra-Christine ElSabbagh-Sherif Masoud -Eiman Hamdy-Hossam Moussa-Hossam Hamdy-Moataz Attallah-Hossam Haggag-
Dr. Zewail-Karim Wahba-Dalya Medhat-Ghada Gad-Heba ElTahan-(somebody who jumped to take the pic with us!)
Seated (LtR): Shady Henry-Ahmed Reda-Prajay Ghandi-Islam Ibrahim-Omar ElHaggan