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Physics...woah!!..the mother of all sciences!
Physics is fun..
Physics is knowledge...
Physics is power.....
Physics is happiness.... :)
A deep sea of knowledge and adventure, that extents from classical mechanics, relativity, cosmology, & quantum mechanics, to nuclear physics, optics, electromagnetism, solid state physics, to the lost quantum gravity!

The fond of physics started in the high school. In the university, I was astonished by our great professor Dr. Ashraf Elfiqi, for his outstanding ability in playing physics in front of us, as Mozart! I used to assist Dr. Fiqi in electricity and magnetism course Physics 112.

To know more about Physics, read the following articles:

1-What is Physics?: General Definition of Physics, its branches, and the most advances in Physics.
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You can check some of my papers about physics and cosmology in the