1. Engineering: projects, computer codes (MATLAB & Fortran), and reports.
2. Physics        : articles, presentations abstracts, and answers to some Q.s.
3. Papers          : papers in philosophy, management, history, and psychology.
4. Articles         : politics, travels, and some fun.
5. Other             : short stories.
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1. Strength & Testing Lab. Reports discussing experiments dealing with materials testing.
2. a-Boron Applications 
    b-Boron Technology
2 reports about Boron ceramic compounds
3. Fluid Mechanics I Lab. Reports discussing experiments dealing with the fundamentals of fluid mechanics.
4. Solar Car Design Project A numerical analysis project about designing the surface of a solar car using the cubic spline interpolation method.
5. Sell/Hold Decision Engineering Economy Report
6. Power Factor Improvement Electric power: power factor improvement
7. High Performance Ceramics Engineering Materials Project: A group project about the new materials that shape our future.
8. Harpoon Trajectory A numerical analysis project about predicting the trajectory of a fish harpoon.
9. Manual Hydraulic Bender A technical report about an application project.
10. Thermodynamics Reports Collection of thermodynamics reports, including: temperature measuring devices, cooling systems, combustion, and compressors.
11. Internal Combustion Engines Classification of combustion engines.
12. Hexapod Joints Design Project: Design of new kinematics joints
13. Fluid Mechanics Lab. II Collection of reports discussing the mechanical engineering applications of fluid mechanics.
14. Computer Programs Programs in Fortran77 & MATLAB solving problems in kinetics & kinematics, and numerical analysis.
15. Design of machinery Two design projects about mechanism design.
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Title Description
1. Contact Movie review: "CONTACT" movie; discussing space travel.
2. Deep Impact Article: Discussing the possibility of the deep impact.
3. Was that bang really big? Presentation abstract: cosmology, big bang, & the 1st three minutes. 
4. Black is beautiful Presentation abstract: General relativity, black holes, and space travel.
5. Balloon lift equations Q&A
6. Noise pollution equations Q&A
7. Magnetism Q&A
8. Physics 112 page
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Title Description
1. Crisis Management Definitions and case studies.
2. Hypnotherapy  Studying hypnotherapy between two different cultures.
3. Islamic History Rise of Islam Q & A
4. Palestine A sociological profile for Palestine.
5. Prisoners of freedom An answer to the question: do we posses free will?
6. Relative Self What is identity?
7. In love of Muhammad The story of the revealation of Quarn
8. SWOT analysis of AUC Analyzing the strength, weakness, opportunities, & threats of AUC.
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1. 1998 Expectations My expectations for AUC in 1998.
2. The Americans are not the target An article about terrorism and politics.
3. The Dirty Game Politics and elections; the dirtiest game I have ever played.
4. Judge not The claims of discrimination against Christians in Egypt.
5. Liberal Arts Definition The philosophy of the liberal arts education.
6. The Vacant Place The challenges of scientific research in Egypt (Arabic).
7. The Only Condition The story of Dr. Zewail's lecture (Arabic).
8. Quarks in the X-desert Quark Society trip to Owainat
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Title Description
1. My Wife Fun..:)) when an engineer describes his future wife :))
2. When I die Something I really wanted to know...
3. Alien in the faucet An engineer faces an alien..who wins?
4. Terrorist thinking Symbolism.....clear symbolism.....!
5. 6th of October Card To the souls of our martyrs.
6. Titanic Movie Review by an engineer An Engineer in the movie theater.
7. Resignation My resignation from the SU